Community Impact

Last year alone, OLG Gaming Centres gave back $132.5 million to their communities. This helped fund things like college and university campuses, hospitals, community centres, and charities. There are countless stories of how this money has touched the lives of people all over Ontario.



Ever wonder where the money goes?

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Why Modernize?

Advances in technology, changes to shopping patterns, shifting demographics, and declining visits from the U.S. will impact OLG’s contribution to the province in the long term.

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In the News

Get the information you need to stay up-to-date on all OLG news and activity as the modernization unfolds.

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How will all this impact me?

As OLG begins to modernize its lottery and gaming business, several changes will be implemented to ensure its evolution to a more sustainable model.

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Responsible Gambling

OLG’s commitment to Responsible Gambling is stronger than ever. Find out how it fits into OLG’s Modernization Plan.

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